xmir mesh products now available across the metaverse

With the addition of the OMC currency xmir mesh products are now available to an even larger group of customers ranging from SecondLife, via the Kitely Marketplace which distribute to a number of grids – both closed and hypergrid connected, to the xmir grid where our products are offered to hypergrid travelers who already are established with the OMC currency on their grid,  have a customer account with VirWOX or simply want to do some shopping. 

Vendor wall on the xmir grid ready to accept customer both with the OMC currency or via the Kitely Market. 

Buy from Kitely Market

A new vendor has been developed with links to the product on the Kitely Marketplace or to the VirWoX currency market if a customer needs get more OMC or create an account before shopping. The new vendors have been placed both at the xmir mesh store and the Boötes store. These vendors will soon be seen in SecondLife in the Concinna xmir mesh store offering customers to purchase direct, via the SecondLife Marketplace or to purchase Linden Dollar via VirWOX.

Both the xmir mesh and Boötes stores will offer select products or product ranges only available on the xmir grid, in addition to a good selection of free products for visitors to bring home. 

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