Resident Transmission

High Summer

It is high summer with less time for grid development but a few things have been in the works.

The grid has grown by a few residents after the registration page was added. A very warm welcome to them!

A new set of signage can be seen at road intersections throughout, and was designed to double as both direction markers and marking street names. 

The OMC software has been updated with missing functionality so it is now possible to have vendors and rental boxes that works properly A group inviter developed by Virtec has been verified to work on the grid. 

You can now “Grab” objects: use Ctrl+Drag to move them, and Ctrl+Shift+Drag to rotate them. In addition the llCastRay function has been significantly updated, and llGetGeometricCenter, llGetBoundingBox and llGetEnv are available for scripting. The OSSL scripting function osGetGender is available too.

Searching for groups now works, but group note notification to offline residents are not working as it should. The same is the case with online status for residents. It looks like we bumped into only half tested code. It is being investigated to get it working predictably.

Placing classifieds can be done from the Kokua and Singularity viewer developer builds, but they can’t be searched yet. 

We are helping the Kokua developer to update the Mac version of the viewer to use the latest Linden 3.8.1 and 3.8.2 code and are making good strides. This also means OpenSim related issues are being sorted out which will of course be corrected in the Linux and Windows builds too. See the Tech Talk pages for details and progression. 

With that, a very good summer both to visitors and residents!

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