Norderhov old chapel renovated for Christmas

The old stone chapel in Norderhov has finally been renovated inside in time for Christmas.  The vicar is pretty happy with the result where the soapstone door entrance and window frames have been restored. Also the old ceiling construction has been brought out in old glory which restores the authentic church room as it must have felt like hundreds of years ago. 

The pews have been painted close to their original white-wash color and will seat 20 persons + 4 in the front next to the altar. It will still take a while before electricity is installed but the old brass candelabras adds a special intimacy to the room.  During the renovation a flag stone with the inscription 1171 was found, and it is expected to come on display as soon as the local museum has finished their work.

The vicar says the chapel will be open for Christmas for any hypergrid traveler who want to seek shelter, have a silent moment or share with others. It has been decorated with garland made of holy for the festivity ahead. 

He also hopes the chapel can be used by anyone who wants a sacred room for prayers, sermons or even marriages and welcomes everyone. 

The chapel can be found at HG

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