xmir adds the OMC currency to the grid

The OMC provides Hypergrid travelers with great flexibility for making payments and help establish an economy for the XMIR grid. In selecting a currency the OMC provides the most flexible options in making payment transactions in addition to supporting PayPal.

To help establish an economy for the grid, XMIR has added support for taking payments in the OMC currency established by Virvox

With over 340.000 registered users on the Virvox Exchange, the exchange provides a wide option for trading virtual currencies both between Hypergrid users and SecondLife users, in addition to facilitating BitCoin transactions. 

"Many European virtual world users are not able to make payment transactions with PayPal, and Virvox was therefore a natural choice as a currency for the grid” says Gavin Hird, founder of XMIR.

In addition to standard credit cards and PayPal, Virvox lets people transfer money via Sofort Banking, paysafecard, Ukash, Skrill (Moneybrokers) and OKPAY. 

By registering avatars on non-hypergrid virtual worlds such as Avination and SecondLife on Virvox it is easy to transfer money between these grids and Hypergrid based grids that accept the OMC.

People with the ability to mine or make transactions in Bitcoin can also exchange crypto currency funds to other virtual currencies including the OMC. This can make it more attractive for some to participate in virtual world economies. 

While XMIR will continue to build an increasing selection of products on the Kitely Marketplace, not everyone can make payments with PayPal something that limits the reach of products sold there. Adding the OMC gives us more flexibility to reach more customers with our products in addition to facilitate establishment of other merchants and services on the grid. 

We believe that establishing solid virtual economies outside the for now “de facto” SecondLife economy is important both for content creators and the ability of many new residents who don’t have the time or inclination to build everything they require for their virtual existence from scratch. In addition establishment of such economies is paramount for providing SecondLife residents viable alternatives as SecondLife reach maturity and Linden Lab develops their second generation virtual world which will be less compatible with the vast selection of virtual content that exist, while OpenSim for the foreseeable future will retain close to 100% compatibility with it.

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