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Southern parts of xmir blanketed by heavy snowfall

Over the last few days the southern parts of xmir has been blanketed by a heavy snowfall that for a while made some regions impassable. The roads have been cleared so travel is again possible even to the most remote areas. 

andwest with the landing pier in snow with the lights up for advent.

Despite the snowfall, people have been busy preparing for advent and Christmas, and both in andwest and Lake Atlas lights and decorations are up. We also hear rumors the vickar in Norderhov is stocking up his store for Christmas, and there is even a hope the old church can be reopened in time for Christmas Eve. 

OpenSimulator Conference 2014 session replays

Video recordings of most sessions from the OpenSimulator Conference 2014 are now available for replay in case you missed the real event.

Day 1 recorded videos

Day 2 recorded videos

OpenSimulator Community Conference 2014

The OpenSim Community Conference 2014 is coming up for the weekend of Novermber 8-9.  The conference focuses on on the developer and user community creating the OpenSimulator software. The virtual conference features two days of presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base. 

Keynote speakers are Philip Rosedale, founder of Linden Lab and SecondLife, and Steve Lavalle, inventor of Occulus Virtual Reality viewer. 

The conference has tracks for Business and Enterprise, Content and Community, Developer and Open Source, Research and Education in addition to Learning Labs and social events (requires in-world participation.)

Tickets to join the conference in-world are sold out but you can still register for streaming tickets to follow the conference in a web browser. 

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