Resident Transmission

Cleaning up the Mesh

The first mesh items that eventually became components of buildings and sites on XMIR were created in 2011, but much of the mesh that were created back then is rather inefficient for use in OpenSim or SecondLife simply because the majority of tutorials and training focus on creating medium to high polygon mesh – so that is what they ended up being. The two platforms, on the other hand really requires what many will call game ready mesh items, meaning polygon count must be kept as low as possible and texturing techniques are rather used to compensate for the lack of geometry. 

Some of the initial mesh has been cleaned up, simplified and complemented with missing parts, and one of the results is the rather simple but nice Garden Fence that can be seen in the Norderhov region outside the church.

Also the cabins in andwest Bay has taken a major renovation where parts such as doors and windows have been changed so they can be used in general builds and not only in those cabins. They will soon be spotted elsewhere on the grid and on the marketplace as well.

The Conference Center nearing completion

It was time to give the grid a place for people to have meetings, exhibitions, conferences or just a place to sit down and chat, so in early February land was leveled in Barcola, and building of the XMIR Conference Center started.

Mesh had to be made, more mesh had to be made, SSL Handshake errors eliminated from viewers, information boards to be acquired, chairs and lecterns to be set up with animations and poses, and texturing to be done for a modern and versatile look. 

Finally the center is nearing completion with two group meeting rooms, one bigger room seating 20+ avatars, and a big hall that can take 40+ avatars. There is also a representative reception area, a cafeteria that can seat 24 avatars and the bar is nearing completion. There is even a restroom in the making. All meeting rooms have MoaP screens, comfortable chairs and a fantastic fjord and mountain view. 

The center can be booked by inquiry to XMIR. 

Some of the mesh items developed are for sale on the Kitely Market or in-world on XMIR. 

Hypergates moved to Landmark

The Hypergates have found a new home in the Landmark region where they have been placed on the remains of the old fortress. 

Hypergates are a convenient way of transferring to another grid when you don’t remember the address. The ones in Landmark also link to other hubs with Hypergates.

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