New Year - New Welcome Office

The xmir welcome office you walk into just off the landing pier has gone through a bit of a shine-up for the new year. The office building that first came to life in the Concinna region of SecondLife in 2010 was moved in to opensim in 2011, and had been virtually unchanged since, only receiving a mesh version of the original texture based windows. So it was time for a change. 

The reception desk and area has been made bigger and is more welcoming once you enter the front door. The old door has been replaced by a mesh door, the windows all have curtains or blinds, and pots and plants have all gone mesh. 

A meeting room section has been added to the second floor and the stairs have been moved to a more natural location to ease access to the meeting area. 

A coffee maker has been strategically placed in the reception with the only thing missing is a decent drinking animation for the cups not to slosh coffee all over your avatar. Good animations are still few and far between in opensim – sigh. I might have to pull out DAZ studio to make one myself… 

Give it a few weeks and a cozy bar will be in place downstairs too. 

Some of the new items should be in marketing both on xmir and Kitely Market in a few days – and with that, Welcome to xmir and 2015!

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