Tidbits in early April

Lots of small changes have happened around the grid – also behind the scenes.

With April spring arrived and most of the landscape and trees are now in a fresh spring green only with snow on the peaks and the Seven Sisters mountains. 

The small cabins in Lake Atlas has undergone a transformation where the cleanup of the mesh became more fundamental so they have gone from shacks to a place you might want to move into. 

The motel at Lake Atlas has also seen a bit of renovation and there are finally beds in all the rooms, but still a bit to go before opening season. 

The Chapel in Norderhov finally got a more representative entrance where there is now a pier where you could arrive by boat as they did way back when. The pier also serves as the landing point from which you can walk up the broad stairs to the chapel – the ideal place for a married couple to shoot their wedding photos.

Speaking about the landing, here one can also see the Hypergrid terminal for OpenSim World, which in many ways is the OpenSim answer to the SecondLife Destination  Guide.  We also got their webpage to load in the Destination Guide floater in most of the viewers, so expect to see some developments here, also from Hyperica, as pages are formatted to fit the space in the floaters. 

Hypergrid terminals have been located in andwest, andwest Bay, Norderhov and Barcola so far. Also the Hypergates in Landmark have been updated with more destinations.  If you are in the market for trees and plants, Selea's World is the destination to teleport to.

LOT 247 badge

Finally the clothing store in andwest got a new retro badge and sign; LOT 247, which will be seen throughout on products and a website for the wearables to replace the Boötes logo. The domain lot247.clothes has been secured. – As always, rebranding takes time. 

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