News from the Rockies

It has been a rocky year since the last transmission, and without going into details, the grid is slowly waking up again with some new places to see, and many small makeovers throughout. 

Down the telegraph road in Skomrak a hardware store is about to establish itself and a new road has been built up to the lake. We hear there might be a mining boomtown in the offing. 

In Firat the dock was moved after the flying dolphins now traffic Ornos where the water is deeper and larger boats can use the harbour.  A new road has been built to the dock in Firat, and the street lights have been extended to cover most of it.  Dirt roads all over XMIR has been given a bit of a makeover as they have all been given a new layer of sand and gravel. They both look and drive better!

In Hengil a football field has been built. Pity the physics for the balls is pretty unpredictable so they usually end up at the region border. 

In Verven Island an old stone fence came to light after some trees and scrubbery were cleared.  The stone builders have also shown their skills in an old fence that was discovered during road construction by the small lake in Lindland. The road will connect the sea shore in Lindland with the road now ending at the rezz zone in Norderhov. 

Finally the grid has a 512x512 VAR region called Varsom that is used for testing. It performs so good that we will use more of those throughout, and maybe consolidate some of the existing regions to such VARs. Varsom is not open for general access. 

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