High Summer Grid status

It is already high summer and the grid has been in a slummer for some time, but a few things have happened for the sharp-eyed observer.

The dirt road in Norderhov has been extended up the hill to the eastern region border where a rezz sone has been made. This is currently the only location where it is possible to rezz a vehicle for the roads, but there will be a few more added. 

The rather clunky looking support walls for the roads in andwest and andwest Bay have been replaced with walls that are both sturdy and looking good.

The secondary welcome region for hypergrid visitors has been moved from Firat to the neighboring region Ornos, together with the terminal building and dock. This is where hypergrid visitors going to grid.xmir.org:8002 will land in the event andwest is down. 

Plenty of bug fixes and some improvements have been deployed to the grid servers throughout the summer. The OpenSim 0.9 dev server software is still a bit rough around the corners but slowly shaping up. 

Unfortunately there is no ETA on when the grid can again be fully operational. 

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