May Day Updates

XMIR is never quite sleeping and there has been a number of small changes over the last couple weeks.

Destination Guide

Collectively the community figured out how to set up a Destination Guide in the viewers much like the SecondLife Destination Guide, and we have set ours to point to the hypergrid wide one provided by Hyperica. Here you can look for current events, freebies, shopping, venues or other grids to visit.  If you use Kokua a Destinations button can be added to the toolbar. Other viewers can do the same or display it from a menu. 

In addition we have set up beacons in 5 locations which will update the OpensimWorld site with information on how many avatars are logged into a region. Users of OpensimWorld can like and comment on regions, so if you have visited XMIR and enjoy our regions, please give us a thumbs up there. 

Map Changes

Three regions have been given new names and the Badr Jabaal name was moved to the new map location where there actually was a mountain.  In addition one region was given a completely new landscape with the Skomrak lake under the foot of the Badr Jabaal. The other inland lake has been renamed to Lauperak, Windfall was renamed to Lervik, and finally one region was given the name Kapp, which means cape in English.  

The changes have made a more natural flow of the landscape, and makes it easier to extend to the west. It also opens a route to build a road connection between the regions to the south and the Murat River Valley.

Register an Avatar

We have opened up for limited possibility to ask for an avatar account on the grid. 

Right now we are accepting residents with a desire to work with mesh content, and sim, content and commerce development based on mesh and forward looking content types. We are also looking for residents who have an interest in contributing to the general theme of XMIR

Per date we don’t have any fancy starter avatars to select from, but this is being worked on. Registered avatars will be guided to where they can find suitable outfits and skins. 

Registration happens on this page, and please allow for up to 24 hours to process a request as it is a manual process. Registered avatars will both get an account to log onto the grid, and to log onto the helpdesk system (still in development).  For an account to be accepted you will have to be over 16 years old and the email address will have to be verified. 

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