There once was a court

There once was a court in Concinna. A court that saw high drama, unbelievable stories, sad fates, conflict resolution, but also petty crime and theft.

The court had judges, prosecutors, lawyers, witnesses, court admin, police officers guards and almost 2000 convicts during its 19 months of operation. 

The court originally assembled for the first time in the summer of 2007 in Ghul, but since there was no more land there to expand on, it was moved to Concinna in December 2008 where it stayed till SecondLife went trough an upheaval that sent it to Bay City, on to Fenfarg, and back again to Concinna.  The turmoil had taken its toll on the court so in 2011 it was closed for good. The building decayed and was taken down in the winter of 2015.

Enter Murat. – Murat has quite a few buildings from the MOSES sims, and one of the original buildings was a court. Although not a bad build at all, it was a traditional prim build both in style and impact on the sim with a large number of scripts. 

By putting together pieces that had been made over a long period (since 2012) and combining them with the two story version of the vicar house building, Murat still has a court; The Murat River Valley District Court. Perhaps one day it too will be the scene of drama the likes of what passed down in Concinna. 

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