SecondLife follows VirWox – adds Skrill as option for purchasing virtual currency

While SecondLife users in the US have had many options for purchasing the virtual currency Linden Dollars (L$), many of those options have not been available to users in Europe, often limiting their participation in the internal economy of SecondLife. 

Austrian VirWOX saw an opportunity in providing virtual currency to these users and added multiple payment options better suited for the European market to their services over the last few years. Creating an account with VirWOX not only allowed purchase of L$ for use in SecondLife, but also had the option of buying the OMC currency used by many opensim grids, in addition to currency for the Avination grid. With a VirWOX account virtual currencies can be moved between avatars participating in different grids without exchange fees. Even BitCoin can be traded for other virtual currencies. 

By an announcement Jan 13, 2015 Linden Lab has now added Skrill as a payment option for the L$. The news follows an announcement made by Skrill a few days ago to integrate their Digital Wallet as a payment option for SecondLife users. 

While many Skrill customers will opt to purchase L$ directly inside SecondLife, others may prefer to use their Skrill account with VirWOX for purchasing L$ for transfer to their SecondLife L$ holding. For people who want to participate in multiple virtual economies this may prove to be a better and more flexible option. 

xmir grid supports the OMC currency provided by VirWOX. 

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