OSGrid – the way-back machine

Now that OSGrid is back up I copied my OSG inventory out to an IAR, and it was like a way-back machine.

It turned out the office building right off the landing pier in andwest – which I thought was from 2011 was originally uploaded by me to OSGrid on December 29, 2008. It must have been built in SL a couple months before in the Concinna sim, and uploaded with Second Inventory.

Some other gems too like this Geek Desk Set also from 2008. It has 5 1/4" floppy disks…

There was also a super simple AO that had two animations; arms shackled back as the stand animation and a very butch male walk. The walk happens to be the walk of the default male avatar for the Kitely grid. 

The 29 regions that existed on OSGrid are now removed from it as they were the basis for the xmir regions – regions that have been improved and changed over the almost half year time OSGrid was down.  Hypergrid teleport is of course possible between xmir and OSGrid.  Welcome back to OSGrid, and xmir welcomes any OSGridders to visit once the digital dust settles over there.  

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