Manage your OpenSim MySQL database with Navicat iOS

A few weeks back Navicat, a company that has specialized in desktop tools to manage databases, took the plunge and launched its first database management tool for iOS. 

After a few iterations of bug fixes and performance enahncements, the $9.99 app let you manage your MySQL databases both from an iPhone and iPad. 

With Navicat iOS you can create, modify, and design database objects using professional object designers, available for objects such as Tables, Views, Functions, and Events.

Adding, modifying, and deleting data is easy with the iOS-centric UI. Easily edit data cells directly in Grid View or open the record in Form view. With the ability to zoom in and out of data tables, you can modify the workspace for optimum clarity.

Search for specific data entries with the search function, or use the filter to isolate broad data groups. Anchor and view connected databases using foreign key relationships. Without the need to constantly cross-reference a master table, you can optimize your workflow and productivity.

Editing a record in an OpenSim database is a snap on the iPad

Connection Options

Navicat iOS allows you to establish secure SSH/SSL sessions through SSH/SSL Tunneling, ensuring strong authentication and secure encryption between two hosts. Navicat also comes with HTTP Tunneling, giving you the flexibility to bypass ISP restrictions on direct database server connections.

Better organized with Navicat Cloud

Navicat Cloud let you syncronize your connections and queries across devices. You can start your work on the desktop version of Navicat that is available both for Linux, Mac and Windows, syncronize to Navica Cloud and pick up your queries on your iPad or iPhone when on the run to continue work there. For your 150 first devices this functinality comes for free. 

MySQL monitoring right in your pocket

With Navicat iOS you are able to connect to multiple databases and monitor them with the built in monitoring tools right in your pocket. Comes pretty handy when your grid starts slowing down and you are nowhere close to your PC or console.

Monitor  MySQL performance when on the run for multiple connections.

While we are waiting for support for more databases, be sure to check out the MySQL version in the app store or get more information from the Navicat iOS information site.

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