Mono 3.12 is out

The mono-project has announced mono version 3.12.0 is out with a number of enhancements and bug fixes. 

Highlights for this version are 

  • Major performance and memory consumption improvements on SGen.
  • Improve the heuristic of the ThreadPool to maximize efficiency and minimize the number of Threads
  • Experimental preview on new Windows installer

For OS X users there is a special treat in the experimental FileSystemWatcher that relies on kqueue, which can significantly improve performance of opensim features such as the flotsamcache and other file system related operations with many accesses and high concurrency. This feature may require increasing the number of file descriptors for the account running mono. This can be done with the launchctl limit command. 

The full release notes can be found here

Mono 3.12 is currently being tested on the xmir test grid. 

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