OS X 10.10.2 returns frame rate to OpenSim viewers

OS X 10.10.2 released by Apple today, returns performance to all third party viewers for OpenSim and SecondLife grids, in some cases as much as 20 frames per second (fps) depending on viewer. We have tested just about all viewers during the beta phase of 10.10.2, and the increase became evident with updated graphics drivers in late beta testing. Also the SecondLife official viewer saw a nice performance increase. 

OS X 10.10.2 also patches security issues reported by Google in addition to one that could take advantage of a vulnerability in the Thunderbolt hardware. The Thunderbolt exploit could only be performed if you had physical access to a machine and could connect a Thunderbolt drive. 

The update is also set to correct Wi-Fi connectivity issues, stop Spotlight from loading remote content in email messages if disabled, and adds the ability to browse iCloud drives in Time Machine. 

10.10.2 is a recommended upgrade for all Mac users who have upgraded to Yosemite (10.10), and also for those who have held back upgrading from earlier system versions.

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