Spring updates

Since the last update 4 regions have been added to the East side of the grid to complete the shoreline that was pretty broken on that side. Looking at the grid map one will see it is now possible to do continuous sailing across or along the shore of 7 regions, and perhaps even 10 as it should be possible to take a canoe under the bridge in Lake Atlas and go all they way to the church in Norderhov. 

The new regions are called Storskog, Lindland, Lindesnes and Verven. 

Telegraph road over Badr Jabaal can now be closed by road barriers in case the weather gets too bad and makes it impassable.

There are many small updates sprinkled around, but most of the focus has been on upgrading the grid software by adding more functionality and fixing broken stuff, in addition to contributing to the Kokua viewer both for speed, reliability and making sure functionality that works in SecondLife is also useable in OpenSim grids. 

One such notable addition in Kokua has been the ability to upload meshes with more than 8 materials per mesh. 

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