The grid has postgres gridstats 

Going with PostgreSQL as the asset database has a couple disadvantages as virtually all php scripts written for opensim assume you connect to a MySQL database. So also with the gridstat script that summarize some of the login activity and registered users for display on a web page. 

Lacking the stats, I set out for converting it to connnect to the postgres database, and it was mostly trivial expect for some date arithmetic that was slightly convoluted. Since the stats now show on the front page, the problem was cracked and I will shortly post a sanitized version for anyone to use. I am debating with myself if perhaps a new githug repository would be a good place to post it. 

Speaking of gridstats, Maria posted the latest OpenSim stats over at Hypergrid Business.  There is a lot of activity going on, some consolidation and OS Grid is still MIA. 

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