llLookAt and llMoveTo fixed for OpenSim

While OpenSim to a large extent has full compatibility with the Linden Scripting Language (lsl), not all functions are implemented or works as expected – expectation being they behave the same as in SecondLife.

One of the functions that is used a lot for implementing followers is the llLookAt() function, and the OpenSim implementation had a number of shortcomings to it, so Talla Adam took the initiative to crowdsource funding to fix the function. 

A total of $2000 was pledged by the following people

After a couple weeks of coding Dahlia Trimble submitted code to fix the issues, and this was accepted by the pledgers in a meeting held on February 26, where also the compensation to the developer was agreed on. 

The result of the code fix will be published in the upcoming OpenSim 0.8.1 release and the resulting functionality can be seen illustrated in a video of birds following an avatar.  For OpenSim users out there wanting to be on the bleeding edge of the 0.8.1 release the code can be downloaded from the development branch of OpenSim. 

The llMoveTo function was found to work as expected after a minor code tweak. 

For the general status of lsl functions and their OpenSim implementation status check out this overview

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