Kokua 3.8.4 released with RLV support.

After another good development and testing period the Kokua viewer 3.8.4 has been released and is available for download for both Mac, Linux and Windows users. 

This version brings Kokua up to parity with the SecondLife 3.8.4 viewer with support for uploading meshes with more than 8 materials per mesh, in addition to a number of improvements and bug fixes for uploading mesh. Meshes with more than 8 materials are also supported on OpenSim grids. 

This version also brings back RLV, and parity with Marine Kelly’s RLV version 2.9.14. There is also a separate build without RLV for all platforms.   

XMIR contributes to the viewer by doing the builds of the Mac version in addition to testing. 

The full Release Notes has the details of all the changes.

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